Reinvest RQM was established in 2007 and currently, the company is planning to develop a winter-summer recreational resort that is to accommodate both therapeutic and health recovery facilities; the resort will spread over an area of 150 ha. at a height of 1400 – 1500 m, in the Valea Doftanei (Doftana Valley) region, Prahova County, Romania. Reinvest RQM – a company registered with the Land Register – privately owns the area to be developed spanning over 150 ha. This project will meet the requirements century XXI. The project is known and supported by local authorities and government of Romania.

In the radius of 250 km are living approx. 9,9 million of the locals, and is the most requested in terms of tourism in Romania. Zanoaga slope is located on the former border of Wallachia and Transylvania – known worldwide as Count Dracula’s Country.

Reasons to invest in Romania 

Market & Location Advantage

  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (ranking 7th in EU , with over 21 million inhabitants);

  • EU unique market gateway (access to approximately 500 million consumers);

  • Attractive location: situated at the turning point between EU, the Balkans and CIS countries, Romania is crossed by three important pan-European transportation corridors: corridor no. IV linking Western and Eastern Europe, corridor no. IX connecting Northern and Southern Europe and no. VII – Danube River, facilitating inland water transportation, at the same time connecting the Romanian Port of Constanta (the biggest Port to the Black Sea) to Northern Europe, through the Rhine.

Resource Advantage

  • Highly skilled labor force at competitive prices (solid knowledge in foreign languages, technology, IT, engineering, etc);

  • Rich natural resources, including surface and underground waters, fertile agricultural land, oil and gas;

  • High potential for tourism.

Political Advantage

  • Stability factor in the Area – NATO membership;

  • Stability Guarantee in South Eastern Europe;

  • EU membership.

IR Advantage

  • Bilateral agreements between Romania and other countries on investments  promotion and protection;

  • Bilateral diplomatic relations with 177 out of the 191 UN member states, plus the Holy See, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the Palestinian National Authority;

  • Member of the UN and other international organizations, like: OSCE, Council of Europe and International Organization of La Francophonie;

  • Free trade agreements with EU, EFTA countries, CEFTA countries;

  • WTO member since January 1995.

Economical Advantage

  • State aid schemes for encouraging investors to take upon Romania;

  • Major interest of Foreign Investors – leader destination for FDI in the region;

  • Sound fiscal policy (16% flat tax).

Social Advantage

  • Agreement between Government and major unions;

  • No major union movements;

  • Labor relations regulated by the Romanian Labor Code.

Legislative Advantage

  • Similar legal provisions as in EU  (Acquis Communautaire implementation);

  • Fiscal policy regulated by the Fiscal Code.

Other Advantages

  • Continuously improving infrastructure (Executive’s commitment to improve the highway infrastructure to EU standards);

  • Well-developed networks of mobile telecommunications in GSM systems;

  • Highly developed industrial infrastructure, including oil and petrochemicals;

  • Presence of branch offices and representatives of various well-known international banks;

  • Extensive maritime and river navigation facilities.

Zanoaga team.


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